Analyse Danmark provides research of high quality and thus a solid basis for decision making that creates value for our customers. “What you need to know” is our motto

Quantitative and qualitative research in Denmark and the Nordic countries

Analyse Danmark can assist you with various kinds of market research in the Nordic countries. Besides Denmark, where we have our own test facilities, we offer research in all the Nordic countries through our partners in the Nordic Research Alliance. We provide a full range of services from pure data collection and field research to high end consulting services. We provide both quantitative and qualitative research.

About us

Analyse Danmark is a Danish research institute established in 1997. We are a full-service institute offering the whole process from clarification of aim and choice of methodology with the client to reporting and recommendations. The company is owned by the leading employees.

Our key competencies:

1. Customer and member insights
2. Communication and concept evaluation
3. Opinion polling
4. Building and administration of specialty panels (e.g. customer- and member panels)


Quantitative: We offer several quantitative methods:

  • CAWI
  • CATI
  • Postal surveys
  • Hall-test

We have our own panel: DK-Panelet consisting of approximately 25.000 Danes which is both one of the first and largest panels in Denmark.

Qualitative: We offer most qualitative methods in-house both offline and online:

  • Focus groups
  • In-depths interview (IDI’s)
  • Work-shops
  • Facilitating meeting
  • Observational studies
  • Shop-alongs

We have many years of experience in FMCG, B2B and health care. In 2012, the activities of Ulveman Explorative, a qualitative high end research institute were added to our portfolio.

Read more about how we utilized qualitative methods in a concept-development study we did for Damixa

We have our own in-house studio facility and is a Focus Vision provider.

Triangulation of methods: We have vast experience in combining different methods (e.g. focus groups and/or IDI’s in combination with surveys)

See examples of different ways to triangulate methods here: for the AIDS-Foundation and a segmentation study for Realdania

Nordic Research Alliance:

Nordic Research Alliance is a cooperation between Analyse Danmark (DK), Novus (SE) , Respons Analyse (NO) and ISS Otantatutkimus oy (FIN) offering Nordic research experience to national and international clients. Across the Nordic markets, we have more than 120.000 panel members. All members of the Nordic Research Alliance are members of ESOMAR.